A Flock of Migratory Water fowl at Jhadi Tal 

The Proposed Dates

The National Environment Science Camp is being organized in November-December 2016 -January-February-March-April 2017

This time period has been decided by our experts keeping into consideration various factors:

•Pleasant days and cool starry nights are one of the best seasons of Dudhwa.
•The Wetlands of Dudhwa are teaming with Migratory Water Fowl.
•The Woodlands have new visitors in form of colorful Himalayan birds and other migratory birds.
•This is the breeding season for Swamp Deer, one can hear their mating calls and see their harems.
•The Water Bodies are filled with water and the wild life they support.
•The Forest is fresh and inviting after the monsoons.

Reporting dates for the teams at the Camp:

CS1 13th November 2016-16th November 2016(Sunday-Wednesday)
CS2 17th November 2016-20th November 2016 (Thursday-Sunday)
CS3 21th November 2016-24rd November 2016(Monday-Thursday)
CS4 25th November 2016- 28th November 2016 (Friday-Monday)
CS5 29th November 2015- 2nd December 2016(Tuesday-Friday)
CS6 3rd December 2016- 6th December 2016 (Saturday-Tuesday)
CS7 7th December 2016- 10th December 2016 (Wednesday-Saturday)
CS8 11th December 2016-14th December 2016 (Sunday-Wednesday)
CS9 15th December 2016- 18th December 2016 (Thursday-Sunday)
CS10 19th December 2016- 22nd December 2016  (Monday-Thursday)
CS11 23rd December 2016- 26th December 2016  (Friday-Monday)
CS12 27th December 2016- 30th December 2016  (Tuesday-Friday)
CS13 31st December 2016- 3rd January 2017  (Saturday-Tuesday)
CS14 4th January 2017-7th January 2017 (Wednesday-Saturday)
CS15 8th January 2017-11th January 2017 (Sunday-Wednesday)
CS16 12th january 2017-15th January 2017(Thursday-Sunday)
CS17 16th January 2017-19th January 2017(Monday-Thursday)
CS18 20nd January 2017-23rd January 2017 (Friday-Monday)
CS19 24th January 2017-27th January 2017(Tuesday-Friday)
CS20  28th January 2017-31st January 2017 (Saturday-Tuesday)
CS21 1st February 2017-4th February 2017 (Wednesday-Saturday)
CS22 5th February 2017-8th February 2017 (Sunday-Wednesday)
CS23 9th February 2017-12th February 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
CS24 13th February 2017-16th February 2017 (Monday-Thursday)
CS25 17th February 2017-20st February 2017 (Friday-Monday)
CS26 21st February 2017-24th February 2017 (Tuesday-Friday)
CS27 25th February 2017-28th February 2017 (Saturday-Tuesday)
CS28 1st March 2017-4th March 2017 (Wednesday-Saturday)
CS29 5th March 2017-8th March 2017 (Sunday-Wednesday)
CS30 9th March 2017-12th March 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
CS31 13thMarch 2017-16th March 2017 (Monday-Thursday)
CS32 17th March 2017-20th March 2017 (Friday-Monday)
CS33 21st March 2017-24th March 2017 (Tuesday-Friday)
CS34 25thMarch 2017-28th March 2017 (Saturday-Tuesday)
CS35 29th March 2017-1st April 2017 (Wednesday-Saturday)
CS36 2nd April 2017-5th April 2017 (Sunday-Wednesday)
CS37 6th April 2017-9th April 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
CS38 10th April 2017- 13th April 2017 (Monday-Thursday)
CS39 14th April 2017-17th April 2017 (Friday-Monday)

Camp Slots to be allotted on First Come First Serve Manner

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