Campers from Sangam school, Bhilwara Rajasthan orienteering their way through the forest-grasslands
The Decathlon Challenge: Adventure in the Midst of Nature

At the Camp, we organize challenging activities called Dares. These Dares stimulate  the spirit of courage and kindle the quest to fathom the unknown. At another level, they sensitize our Campers towards Nature, Environment and Wildlife. Karavan's methodology is pretty simple. We simply ignite a spark, the Campers take the process to the logical end themselves.

Camp Activities are step-by-step process that guides the Campers understand  the  scientific theme of the year: TREE OF LIFE: a tribute to the Plant Kingdom, the miraculous living systems that sustain all other lifeforms.

We begin the journey, by taking the  Gen-X Campers far away from the Web of Virtuality to World of Reality. The Campers perforce shed the blinders that stifle their gaze only to electronic screens and behold in astonishment the Wide expanse of the lush green forest.

While the Dares stir the power of observation and analysis, the tight schedule tests the Camper's endurance; and every new discovery vets their quest for adventure furthermore.

The Campers also venture into deep jungles to touch, feel, smell and identify the magnificent floral treasures and understand their relationship with the fauna--- the butterflies, birds, bats and beasts. They will explore the complexity of a jungle  where every entity is intertwined with another; what scientists refer to as an Eco-system!

The Campers will also get to go for an extra-ordinary mission in the fascinating jungles of India. In this mission,  they will be assigned several major and minor tasks. This mission is to be accomplished in a stipulated time. While, we do provide a rudimentary kit, most of the materials have to be improvised creatively. The mission involves thorough planning, creative thinking, time management and above all team work and camaraderie.

Finally, in Dare HUL, we seek the support of our Campers to mitigate the distress  in  jungles of Dudhwa by actively participating in a Conservation Work in the forest. This is an ongoing campaign; where the work done by one group  of Campers is taken to the next level by the subsequent group. Karavan Team will strive to see that this effort does not fizzle off. But trail blazes into a MOVEMENT (HUL) FOR ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION, involving the forest villagers and authorities as well.

Having successfully applied their common and uncommon sense in various experiments in the mysterious world of forests, Campers are able to break free form self-imposed limits of mind and emerge refreshed and recharged.

Our Camp can thus be summarized as FUN-ADVENTURE-DISCOVERY all put together.

campers from Navrachna International, Vadodara trying hard to spot a bird

Campers from PCVN Kanpur making a scare crow for the fields near the forest to reduce the Man-Animal Conflict
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